Intro to Farming In Hawaii (For enthusiasts and hobbyists)
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Welcome to the Community portal developed by GoFarm Hawaii - 

In partnership with the City & County of Honolulu Coronavirus Relief Fund, we saw the collective need and demand to create a resource for our Hawai’i Residents to grow more food for themselves on a small scale (at home).  The interest to learn more DIY (do-it-yourself) gardening and farming in backyards, rooftops, outdoor lanais and any little pieces of earth people had was palpable and continues to gather momentum as people across the world search for ways to be more self-sufficient and sustainable.

As a part of that effort, our GoFarm Hawai’i coaches, local farmers, and friends are here to provide some tips and resources to help you grow some of your own food at home!  

What to expect: short 10-20 min videos on preparation, planting, harvesting, washing, and where to find things online or in your local area.

Who should watch: Anyone who wants to begin growing some food. Newcomers will get a crash course on the “basics” and more experienced farmers will possibly get some tips & tricks that they can apply to their own farming style.

Videos will be uploaded as we get new content and fun stuff.  Please check out our FAQ page HERE for general questions about growing and helpful resource links for you to review as you continue to learn more. 

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions for our coaches and farmers regarding our Community Edition videos on the techniques presented, let us know:) We will (to the best of our ability) answer what we can from what we know or help you find a pathway to the answer.  Please email us at


GoFarm Hawaii